Monday, February 8, 2010

so many other people try to tell the tale, but not one of them know the end

I feel there are so many trends and don't be shy, everyone has been victim to them!
Basically where i am going with wardrobe will always include THESE, because i will forever love them trends of the time or not

  • hair accessories/hats
  • Ray Ban wayfarers
  • braided hair
  • dresses for every season/every occasion/all the time
  • statement shoes/bags
  • baggy plaid button ups
  • nail polish
  • stripes and dots
  • messy hair (unfortunately this is not always on purpose...hah!)
  • edgy studded items
  • confidence, smiles, and just being comfortable-necessities for every outfit :)
  • all of the above best seen paired with a best friend at your side xoxo

missing: Danielle, Brooke, and Alison

This is baby Milo John Eric Brade,
my baby cousin and the latest addition to the O'neal/Brade family!
Three weeks old and he is so adoarable. we love him!
--->My cousin Sarah is making a beautiful mother xoxox<--

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